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It is quite easy to become confused about what a Cloud solution actually is, if you do not just work with technical infrastructure solutions every day.

We often get questions from our customers if they are able to come see our Cloud solutions, and whether it is possible to identify their solution “in the cloud”?

Here is how we explain what a Private Cloud solution actually is.



” A Private Cloud solution is a series of servers that hangs together as a larger unit, one or more of these servers can be accessed via the Internet. These servers are either located on-premise in a data room, or in a data center with a hosting provider “



We offer course Private Cloud solutions to our customers in the following scenarios.

The customer’s own equipment is placed by themselves, in their own data and operation rooms where we assist with 24/7 operation and monitoring of our data center

The customer hires its operating equipment of us who are placed in our data center and is operated either by the customer, in cooperation with us, or solely by us.
For the most part, we provide both operation and monitoring of equipment located in one of our data center locations, although there are customers who also want even to look with.

Read more below about the various options.


Design and implementation

In addition, we often assist with the design of both the infrastructure and installation of equipment for our customers, but is of course open to our customers can be different needs and wants it.

Here is a sample of the things we can help You to implement and maintain.

  • Hardware that is either physical and / or virtual
  • Operating System such as Windows Server or Debian Linux
  • Software such as Antivirus, Task Schedule or cronjobs
  • Applications such as SharePoint, WordPress, Sitecore etc.
  • Network and contexts, including Active Directory (AD) Trust on Windows platforms
  • Security such as Firewall, Security Scanning etc.
  • Mobility solutions, such as login for secure solutions via SMS
  • Clustering, such as Microsoft SQL cluster based on either Active-Active or Active-Passive etc.
  • Redundancy such as provision of Load Balancer solutions for Web servers and VPN solutions with a need for failover between different networks
  • High Performance, such as Varnish Cache Server front of Your Web servers, combined with failover page from an alternative website with information about expected planned downtime
  • High Availability, such as redundant firewalls in front of redundant load balancers, with redundant Web and SQL servers located respectively. on secured underlying network



“>We offer to install and keep you too maintained within the following levels.

  • “>Middleware, such as SQL Server, Oracle etc.
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