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Project Management

When a company decides to use economic means to ensure that a project must be sustainable and provided with success, there are some very specific actions that should be considered before you begin.

Get help in-house or hire a professional

A good project manager is not just someone you can choose to pick on demand, like low-hanging fruit on a tree.


A good project manager is often not just a resource to immediately have available in-house, without renouncing to the person or persons daily work to be taken care of some other While the project is in progress.


Things you should first consider

Here are a few healthy suggestions for consideration, which we recommend you think about before launching a project.

  • Do we own necessary resources internally to implement the project?
  • If we do not have the resources available, should we call for external assistance to get their tasks planned and implemented timely, while the project is in progress?
  • What costs are associated with the fact that we make use of internally generated resources, and can that be more worthwhile to get help from the outside via an external project manager?
  • If we choose to make use of an external project manager, we know in advance when a good external project manager should step in, or we are going to segregate the market first?
  • If we actually know a good external project manager in advance, would this person with the right skills and understanding, be able to run our project through yielding the expected result?

These are thoughts that we recommend before project start, just like a quick look around inside the company, maybe even a little good double check before embarking on a worthwhile project.


Our philosophy

The philosophy behind our participation as an external project manager, is “Your Success Is Also Ours” based on the end result of our project management service, established upon our Six Sigma Black Belt Pro (SSBBP) and PRINCE2 certifications, combined with years of practical experience in the successful implementation of projects in areas such

as IT industry..


Project Management Lifecycle

A project’s life cycle is based on the following necessary conditions;

  • Project start readiness
  • Analysis and verfication of the project’s validity and business case
  • Initial phase of the project start
  • Verification of the project at the retail level based on selected business case
  • Delivery of sub-elements and goals compared with project scope
  • Frequent confirmations of that sub-elements and goals meet desired result
  • Project assignment, maintenance and updating of the business case
  • Verifying the business case
  • Project progress tracking
  • Risk management in place. Corrective actions planned out
  • Transfer of results and revised business case
  • CSI methodology (ITIL) relation. The project should be further reviewed

This ensures that the full life cycle of the project either delivered or partial delivered through ITIL principle Continual Service Improvement (CSI), due to the need for constant updating of certain processes.
We can either be a constant factor and support compared. CSI, or this task down into internal processes, for example. with the participants who have been a part of the project.


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