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ISO/IEC 26000 CSR seminar

If your company is considering implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as per the description in ISO/IEC 26000 CSR requirements, but lack the training and understanding of the convention, we can help you solve that problem.

Our consultants are skilled professionals, who are able to train your organization to get to a point, where they themselves are able to write the necessary documentation themselves, or assist your project team during the process.

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ISO/IEC 26000 Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR)

Most people are familiar with one or another form of ISO standard from their everyday life, where ISO 9000 and 9001 probably are the standards people are most familiar with today.

Within social responsibility ISO/IEC 26000 CSR is the defacto standard to be observed and followed.

Like other ISO standards, this CSR standard will affect the entire organization, since social responsibility embraces most departments and business functions today.


How to implement ISO/IEC 26000 CSR

Here are a few thoughts for you, who either are considering or have already developed a strategy for implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) using the ISO/IEC 26000 CSR requirements.

  • Who are our stakeholders we need to approach in the organization, to get approval for the project?
  • As we implement a strategy for CSR in our organization, what does that really mean for our employees and management?
  • Is it a requirement from our customers (or other stakeholders) that we carry out an audit each year, and prove that we actually live up to our social responsibility?
  • Do we already have a description of our policies, resources, including methodology in the same categories?
  • Do we already have descriptions and procedures of how our approach to social responsibility should be, so it can be put into practice and be promoted throughout the organization?
  • Who is responsible for summarizing the material and documentation, and is it a task that should be shared out among the people involved in each resource and / or department within the company?

There are a myriad of other questions to be asked, whereto the above mentioned questions provides you a little insight into the many aspects that an organization should consider before implementing ISO/IEC 26000 CSR.

Our consultants are ready to train your staff and management, to better understand the requirements, so that you can go ahead and plan the implementation of CSR in your organization.

In addition to offering you a training seminar in the requirements of ISO/IEC 26000 CSR, we can also offer to assist as advisors and consultants during the actual process of implementation.

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ISO/IEC 26000 CSR seminar

We can offer your organization a seminar, where we cover the principles and topics of the subject when implementing ISO/IEC 26000 CSR.

During the seminar we cover and discuss the criterias of social responsibility, including training of your staff and management. We provide guidance of “how they should think and act”, including respecting the requirements at best.

Our seminar include the following valuable topics.

  • ISO/IEC 26000 CSR requirements and criterias
  • Business culture, including dress code, language and behavior
  • Policies, including legislation vs. regulations and the advantages and disadvantages
  • Professionalism, including ethical guidelines
  • Social ethics, etc.

Based on our presentation and seminar content, that leads to a general discussion, participants will individually be able to consider the things necessary, which the company immediately should focus on, including what strategies to plan for the future.


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Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our ISO/IEC 26000 CSR seminars and consultancy services implementing the requirements and criterias of the ISO standard.

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